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Privacy Policy for Skan Ellus Drive In

At Skan Ellus Drive In, we think a good secret is the recipe for our special sauce, not what we do with your information. Here’s how we handle the details you share with us while navigating the joys of our digital diner.

Collecting Your Info: When you surf through our menu or drop us a note on our website, we collect some of your data to improve your experience, not to clutter your inbox with unasked-for specials. This includes info you type into our contact forms and crumbs you leave behind – like your IP address and browser type, because knowing whether you’re more of a Safari trekker or a Chrome cruiser helps us serve you better.

How We Use Your Info: We whip up this data to make sure your digital and diner experience is top-notch. We’re talking smooth loading pages, useful updates, and responses quicker than our fryer on a Friday night. We promise it’s all in the name of making Skan Ellus your home away from home, online and offline.

Cookies: Not the kind you eat, sorry! We use digital cookies to remember your preferences (like your favorite burger) and track your visits. You can tell your browser to drop the cookie attitude if it’s not your jam, just like you’d hold the mayo.

Sharing Your Info: The only parties we like are the ones at our tables. Your data stays with us and trusted partners who help us run our website, like the folks who help us understand our traffic, not strangers.

Securing Your Info: We guard your info like we guard our secret recipes. We stir in some strong security measures to keep your data protected from unauthorized access or unintended leaks.

Changes to This Policy: If we tweak our privacy recipe, we’ll post the updated version here with the date. Just like our menu, we keep it fresh and in line with what’s needed.

Contact Us: If you have any questions or want to check in about your data, drop us a line at our contact page. We’re here to help and serve up answers.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit – virtually or in person – knowing we’re handling your data with care and respect. After all, you’re family here!


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